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We're dedicated to restoring rightful your ownership and repairing corrupted land records all across America.


About TitleTracs

We've consulted and in some cases, convinced some of the most knowledgeable people in the title, real estate, legal and research industries to join us when developing the TitleTracs strategy. Experts who know real estate, contract, consumer, constitutional and securities law - ALL of which have a direct influence on each other and are necessary to fully understand what has actually happened.

Then we developed an innovative solution that is causing attorneys throughout the US to re-think their existing cases to include our unique research. Our executive team includes former EVPs to some of the biggest title companies in America as well as a host of other strategically placed experts for you to draw knowledge from.

On the personal side, TitleTracs has became our "Mission in Life." Buying a home is the single biggest investment most people will ever make in their lifetime. You shouldn't have to worry IF you really obtained clear title. It should go without saying but unfortunately it's not the case. TitleTracs was started because we've actually experienced what can easily happen.

It is important to note that TitleTracs personnel are not practicing attorneys and therefore will not provide legal advice. We work closely with a network licensed attorneys in each state who are versed in this area or expertise.


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