Think you Own your Property? Think again.

You most likely don't. What's worse, you may be paying the wrong lender.

You don't have to be in foreclosure for this to affect you.

Whether you already own or are refinancing, modifying, buying, selling or investing in real estate, you must find out if title is clear and marketable and just because there's a title policy, doesn't mean it is. The recording of fraudulent documents in county land records all across America since 1999 affects everyone, residential & commercial, whether you realize it or not. It's not a matter of "IF" it happened. It absolutely did and TitleTracs presents a very innovative new strategy that is gaining momentum.

Everything starts with the TitleTracs Report that outlines the current status of your Chain of Title, establishing IF title is compromised. From there, you can make educated decisions as to what you'd like to do about it, depending upon your circumstances. A TitleTracs investigation prepares you to pursue the restoration of rightful ownership of your property, in a foreclosure or not, by providing the most irrefutable evidence that may have compromised the ownership and marketability of your property.

Should you choose to restore rightful ownership, the next step would be to 'quiet title,' taking a very straight forward, easy to understand action that is far shorter to conclude, more cost effective and very limited in its scope, using one of our network attorneys, if available in your state, or choose your own. TitleTracs will work with your attorney to make sure you receive the full benefits of this unusual legal strategy.

TitleTracs research is not an expensive securitization or forensic audit that the Courts won't understand. In many cases, we've even identified problems with expensive Bloomberg and other reports. TitleTracs research cuts straight to the heart of the issue - TITLE. It's very short and to the point. If you don't have Standing (legal ownership of title), you have nothing. When you start with a TitleTracs Report, you have a very serious tool that could easily be the cornerstone for any other litigation.

A whole new approach to a serious problem.

Albert Einstein said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result." Let's face it, if you are in a foreclosure, homeowners are having a very difficult and expensive time in Court, with many attorneys no longer doing foreclosure defense because they aren't winning. We think it's time for a whole different angle of attack - from the TITLE side of the equation, where they must PROVE they own your loan (quiet title) and not just that they can ENFORCE the debt (foreclosure). There's a very BIG difference.

We've learned that most QT actions were not done in the most favorable light. They were combined with a foreclosure defense, which is like trying a murder trial in small claims Court (they are ruled on totally different); or bank attorneys try to include foreclosure issues in with the QT action. In a foreclosure, title has not yet been affected as no reconveyance has occurred, so it should not even be considered by the Court. QT's are also a "preventative" measure, so asking for damages for something that hasn't happened yet is not fruitful. Remember, we are dealing with ONLY title problems. However, by zeroing in on title(rightful Standing) in a very controllable action, the effect on a foreclosure can be dramatic.

    Approaching from the Title side has many benefits:

  • QT actions are very narrow in their scope, little room for argument. The objective is to answer two important questions - "Is there a break in the chain of title?" and "Does the lender claiming current ownerhip have legal, rightful Standing?"
  • QT actions are ruled based on the strength of what is presented and NOT the weaknesses of the defense.
  • QT actions are ruled by OPERATION OF LAW. In other words, the way in which someone acquires certain rights or responsibilities automatically under the law, without taking individual action or being the subject of a court order. (ref:
  • It only takes ONE event in the Chain of Title to cloud everything thereafter. You have no idea what may have happened that affected the Chain of Title before you and taking county records at face value won't tell you.
  • Easier to keep the Court on point with the very narrow protocol of the QT action.
  • Upon a successful action to remove problems, your loan could become unsecured. The unsecured debt may still exist, however in most cases, TitleTracs may find evidence that the lender you believe owns your loan really doesn't, putting you in a powerful negotiating position.

What can happen if you don't check now?

New movie "The Big Short" shows you how it happened. How could it not affect title?

Restore rightful ownership effectively and affordably. Do it yourself or with an attorney - we have the tools you'll need.

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